Spontaneity – simple & easy

Spontaneity is the  most freeing feeling.  Now a days it is so easy to just search a place on the internet and make the choice to just go. This can be the best way to start traveling because there is no planning involved.  You just search a near by place, get in the car, and drive.  Sometimes there is a fear of traveling because people hate the planning aspect; however, if you start with spontaneity traveling to begin with the desire to plan for traveling adventures in the future will be there.  Spontaneity can be scary to some though because of the fear of the unknown but isn’t really the case anymore because of the internet.  People could even argue the fact that it isn’t really spontaneous if you look up information prior to going somewhere. Maybe i’ll call it freedom traveling.

I love going to national parks, so my freedom traveling that I did was go to a national park this last week.  I searched ‘nearby national parks’ and Carlsbad Caverns national park and Guadalupe mountain national park came up.  Then, I mapped how far away they were. Whoa, they are only 30 minutes from each other.  Hitting two birds with one stone. Bam! Done! My ‘planning’ was complete. I just throw clothes and personal stuff into a bag and left after work to drive there.  Hotels, gas stations, food….blah blah blah. These details will all be there.  If these things are too much for you at first just take a day trip and upgrade to overnights after day trips start to become a breeze.  The idea is just to get out there and experience things.

“Memories will be there forever, materialistic things will just come and go.”

I already knew where I wanted to go so I just searched Carlsbad Caverns National Park and Guadalupe National Park, then mapped the distance. However, if you have no idea what is around you this is a fun website to use to search near by activities: (https://www.naturefind.com).  Just put in your city, your interests, and how far you are willing to drive.  Poof! Done! I mapped how far these national parks were from me and I fed the cat, got my bag and road snacks, then I was gone. Bye Bye Kitty! See you in 4 days!

I got in the car turned on my audiobook, ‘Girl on the train’, I was off on my freedom traveling adventure.

One pee break and a gas fill up, I was there!  I quick search of nearby hotels and I was ready for my adventure in the morning.

Here are the results!

Bats, Bats, where art thou??   This is the biggest caves I have ever been to in my life!  They are located out in the middle of the desert!  I thought I was going to come across some aliens first before I found the caves. Who doesn’t enjoy a little spelunking?! Stalactites, Stalagmites, popcorn , and soda straws (not to be confused with things you eat or drink :p). This national park only takes about 1.5-2 hours if you only have a short time to explore and a bonus.  Summer or winter, this cavern is going to be 55F.  90% of the caves are self-guided which is a bonus to be able to take your time and enjoy the views!  In the summer, bats will exit the caves at dusk which would be an amazing site to see (unless bats scary you).  I was in there during winter so I did not get to see this natural wonder! There is always next time. After, a few hours of spelunking! It was time for a beer.  Carlsbad has a couple of breweries to hit up.  Milton’s Brewery was my favorite.  It had an amazing back patio and an quaint feel opposed to Guadalupe Mountain Brewery which was too busy for my taste.  If I go out into the desert, I want to feel secluded and void of people.

Day two was off to my next adventure, Guadalupe Mountain National Park.  This is only 30 minutes from Carlsbad Caverns which is perfect for people that are trying to hit up all the national parks like I am.  I can hit two birds in one weekend. The highlight of this national park is the top of Texas.  Texas doesn’t have very many mountains as I found out when I went to this national park, so Texans get really excited when they come here because the highest peak is 8,750 feet.  Living in Colorado, I just had to laugh at this.  Little did I know, this hike was no easy task.  After I was done, the Texans were probably laughing at me because if I have hiked in Colorado this should of been a breeze.  It definitely was not!  I have not spent much time in the desert and the terrain is all rocks, spit, and fiery.  Rocks, rocks, and more rocks.  That is what I walked on all the way up and down.  I can say my feet were pissed off at me when I was finally done with this 8 mile hike.  Regardless, as the Coloradoan’s do, I have a victory drink at the top for good luck.

Good luck and happy adventuring!  This is what I wish you all when taking on your first freedom traveling adventure.

Keep it simple. Travel for life.

Thanks for reading,

Simple to Travel